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Human Interference is Important to Avoid Rug Pulls

Tokenoy: NOT for Rug Pullers

Tokenoy helps developers to launch their tokens, raise funds for liquidity and build fair decentralized projects but NOT through a decentralized system that attracts the rug pullers. Learn More:

  • Only Audited Projects
  • Locked Fund Wallets
  • Investor Whitelisting
  • Pre Due Diligence
  • Higher Transparency
  • Anti Whale System

Most Valuable Tokens of Top Platforms

Token Ecosystem That We Support

Only Audited & Highly Rated Tokens Gets Selected

Rug Pull Don't Prefer Tokenoy Launchpad

The core mission of the Tokenoy project is to DEX investment safer from exit scams (“Rug Pulls”) and Hacks.The tokenoy launchpad is different from anything the cryptocurrency world has seen before.

To save investor’s funds and investment, we are NOT going to build decentralised token launchpad but committed to empower crypto currency projects with the ability to distribute tokens and raise liquidity.

Tokenoy launchpad
Private Sale & Pre-Sale on Tokenoy Launchpad

Through Tokenoy You can Raise Only Upto 500 BNB

Raise Funds Before IDO

Many entrepreneurs face several challenges-in their early stage they are primarily limited by funding. Entrepreneurs lack the contacts needed to raise money and they don’t even know where to start looking for seed capital. Lacking the contacts, uncertain where to raise money, many potential entrepreneurs keep their brilliant ideas at the“idea”phase.

Through Tokenoy launchpad we are trying to give the accessibility and the ease of fundraising to make it one of the most popular fundraising platforms for both projects and investors to raise up to 500 BNB.

Investor's Trust Does Matter

Only Audited Projects Can Use Toknoy Launchpad

The Tokenoy launchpad platform is designed to allow token projects to easily launch their own interoperable tokens, which can be fixed-price. It offers a unique way for investors to gain access to new tokens and contribute at the same time. Most private investors do not have the resources, experience or even access or the possibility to invest early in projects, with that space remaining the bastion of specific types of investors or incubators.

Audited By Anyone
Audited By Tokenoy

Investor Interest

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