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IDO Token Auditing

The core mission of the Tokenoy is to DEX trading safer from exit scams (“Rug Pulls”) and Hacks. This site maintains a list of public opinion polls about crypto projects as well as provides IDO Token auditing services.

If you are an investor, participate in the polls to make the community aware of Rug Pullers. We are working to add more features, check back often and follow us on Twitter!

Auditing – Investor Friendly Auditing

As an independent IDO project auditor, we play in important & critical role to bring trust & reputation.

We are always on the side of Investors, who need assurance that your blockchain project and Initial DEX Offering works as intended. Our team will  identify vulnerabilities and complexities before the IDO campaign, if we notice any issue, we will be working alongside you to solve the issues. We provide complete detailed analysis of Token projects and addresses the entire lifecycle of a IDO campaign.

We firmly believe that our token audit reports will deliver new and useful information to investors by providing insights into the valuable perspective that these monitors have on companies and increasing investors’ trust in the work performed by Tokenoy auditors and audit committees.

Tokenoy Solving Major Issue

The Problem

According to FTC report, Investors have reported losing more than $80 million to crypto-investment scams since October 2020. Apart from this, another cryptocurrency start-up Confido that raised nearly $375,000 through an initial coin offering has disappeared with the funds. Investors lost more than USD 10 Billions in last few years. These days, new crypto ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) called IDO (Initial Decentralized Exchange Offerings) as it is popular with the “Rug Pull” scam.

When investors run into a project without thinking, it shoots up a coin price and then the coin can bankrupt that user’s wallet. Considering Investor’s point of view, It’s quite tough to identify the Rug pulls but exists in the crypto community. Similar events occurred in the past which making the investments extremely risky.

USD 9,4+ Billions

Investors Lost

75+ Identified

Rug Pulls in 2021

Tokenoy To Solve Issue

The Solution

Auditors play a key role in financial markets because investors rely on information produced by companies. As we have seen when a big token rug pull happens, investors lose interests in the upcoming projects and put some potential projects in the grey area.

As the token auditor, we want to identify the weak links and grey area which can help the investors. Being independent auditing company, we are mostly truth-tellers and want to mitigate the rug pull problems which exists in the ecosystem.

Our primary objective is to save investor's funds.
Investor Interest Based Audit
Not only comtract but other important details too.
Full ICO Project Auditing
We are able to audit all major ecosystems
21+ Blockchain & DeFi
The top level processionals helping to uncover the truth.
PhDs and Expert Auditors
The Expert processionals helping to uncover the truth.
Lowest Fee & Fastest Turnaround Time

Easy and Fastest Turnaround

The Auditing Process

Submit Token Details
Submit your token smart contract address and other important details.
We organize a kick-off meeting and provide the details of audit payment.
Token/IDO Audit
We start auditing process to certify the your smart contract & IDO.
Get Report/Certificate
We send you an detailed audit report, widget and certificate.

Learn What We Explore To Uncover the Truth

The Auditing Report

Covering all the important aspect to find out rug pull
Contract Security
Uncovering the token liquidity to be shared on exchanges.
Token Liquidity
Uncovering the startup team, their experiences and anonymity.
StartUp Team
Covering token distribution and if major wallets are locked.
Token Distribution
Covering Social Reach and Branding aspects `{`Quality`}`
Uncovering the hidden details and mention on report.
Any Other Factor
Tokenoy Audit Report Will build Reputation
For anything else, please contact us – we would be delighted to help.

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