Tokenoy - The Token Contract Auditor & Token Sale Management Company

IDO craze of 2021 has been really a sight to behold. While this decentralized crowdfunding concept dates sometime back, it definitely peaked during the first quarter of the year 2021. 

Hundreds of new tokens kept popping up on a daily basis as projects realized how easy it was to collect funding by creating Binance and Ethereum smart contracts and distributing tokens to investors. They take money from token buyers is very simple, there is much more to the entire process especially meme tokens. Most projects looking to enter the space will require a smart contract and a platform to jump off of, but most of them are rug pullers. 

In today’s age where crypto investors are much careful and aware of token contracts and several automated tools which keeps track of rug pull projects and gives certificates of authentic contract. Tokenoy team noticed this specific market need, drawbacks and decided to try and help the investors to fulfil with its Launchpad initiative.

About Tokenoy

Tokenoy is specially founded to protect investors’ interest against rug pull as well as a token launch platform for innovative projects. This simply means that the platform is focused on providing startups with the networking, investor connections and knowledge, required to raise funds via a fundraising campaign ONLY if they have real-world problem-solving ideas and an experienced team to build & run the startup. 

New startups in any industry are always vulnerable to investment and most of them lack proper direction, resources, and promotion. Ultimately the startup idea of the team is trying to finance through launchpad, which could be accepted but the process has to be gone through a lot of research and can be fulfilled with quality support.

Tokenoy team is controlling the token distribution and will hand over only the required number of tokens to the team after adding the liquidity on the decentralized exchanges. This process has been adopted to minimize the risk of any possible token dump by the team itself. 

Projects that Tokenoy can accept to assist for token sale campaign:

Considering the early-stage investment risk of innovative startups, and the fact that investors need to make their own decisions, Tokenoy picked Bitxoe as the first token project, based on the following criteria:

  • Relative maturity of the project development
  • Readiness for large-scale adoption
  • A strong and committed team
  • Fully tested & reliable project
  • Potential to benefit & growth of the ecosystem.
  • A high-standard audit report
  • A clear roadmap of product development

Words for Investors: 

Through our due diligence preliminary research and auditing, we can assure the platform will help the crypto community and save scams. 

Still, if you are a participant investor, please ensure that you are a mature investor with a full understanding of the investment risks and the rules before you take part in this token sale campaign.

Thank you.

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