An Idea to Protect Investor's Interests..

Tokenoy was founded in 2021 in Singapore by an entrepreneur and angel investor Micheal Wong when he found decentralised projects are taking chances and many of them turned rug pull. As per his own investment experience, he lost a huge sum of money. 

The idea was to manually verify the projects, team KYC/Audit Reports and manage the entire token sale campaign while taking the control of tokens. This process worked well with the very first project.

Crypto rug pull projects cost Investors more than $8 Billion in 2021: Internal Research [Tokenoy]

Professional Network

During the pandemic year of 2020-21, we could establish our professional network by connecting with expert professionals in the serving industry and has a network of 8+4, a total of 12 professionals, the planned distribution of work allows having a conversation with our clients and investor community. 

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Clients Testimonial