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The Tokenoy security team is committed to resolving the existing rull pull project and audits the entire project to make sure the high-risk issue were discovered whether it's contract security or project/campaign. The audit report service has been recognized by well-known decentralised exchanges. Learn more about us: 



Audit Process

Issuing Reports

Contract Auditing

Our analysis of the smart contracts under the doing the line by line 2-stage audit process and cover the smart contract testing tools to make sure it's safe. 

Team KYC

Assure privately verifies the identity of the project team including a robust KYC process. After identity verification approval we create a publicly viewable compliance certificate. NOW

Privacy Concerns ?

Tokenoy recognizes the importance of proper & secure handling & storage of sensitive identity data. Check out Tokenoy's Handling & Storage Policy

Why Audit With Us?


True Partnership

Our relationship does not end only after the delivery of the initial report of your contract audit but we work together with you to perform remediation audits for any required updates.

Full Campaign Audit

Work with Tokenoy and you will understand the experience of collaborating with a professional blockchain contract audit firm. We get the job done perfectly & deliver on time, every time.

Vulnerable World

Our audit process and work is rooted for perfection. In the world of immutable code, every error, every loophole is a vulnerability which can make you lose millions of dollars in a few minutes.

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